[Lazarus] FreePascal and Lazarus Foundation

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Jun 27 10:00:08 CEST 2016

On Mon, 27 Jun 2016, Mr Bee wrote:

> Hi all, This morning I was glad to found this
> website: http://foundation.freepascal.org It's about time to have a
> foundation for our beloved projects.  I hope by having this foundation,
> Free Pascal and Lazarus projects would go forward, being managed better
> and more professional to produce the best programming language, compiler
> and IDE for the world.  :) Of course, there are still many things need to
> be fixed and enhanced on both projects.  This foundation would be the
> first step forward.  For this foundation, I'd like to say congratulation
> and good luck.  Regards,

Thank you.

How did you manage to find this site ? I didn't make a public announcement yet :-)

I am glad to hear that you approve. The foundation has been in the works for
months, but in the next coming days we'll go public. 
I was actually waiting for the chairman to create a bank account to
which we can couple a paypal account and a button for donations.

The idea of the foundation is as stated on the website: 
the foundation will not interfere with design decisions, it is there to help 
with funding: this can be for code improvements/additions, or even 
making of releases and builds. (which takes a lot of time and equipment)

Lazarus/Free Pascal are volunteer driven projects, and that will remain so.
This means that some things are left lying because no-one wants to tackle them.
These things can then be taken on by paying someone to do them (if sufficient
funds are available).

If the foundation can help in other ways, then that can obviously be discussed too.


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