[Lazarus] How to recover from Fatal: Invalid PPU-File entry 121

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sat Mar 19 23:27:01 CET 2016

Hi All!

I've been happily coding away all day on my Raspberry Pi 2B+, when all 
at once I got the error:

Compile package LCL 1.7 : Exit code 256, Errors 1
Fatal: Invalid PPU-File entry 121

I tried rebuilding using Run | Clean up and Build, but got the same 
error (after a few minutes of compiling, assembling, ... ).

The error message is rather cryptic for a user as opposed to a 
developer.  What is PPU-File entry 121?

I am going to try shutdown and restart after I send this email. (Works 
for Windows, so... :-D )

I'm using:

Lazarus 1.7 dated 01-22-2016
FPC 3.0.0
SVN 51308

The OS is the latest version of raspbian as of the end of January.

Any advice (well almost any advice ;-) ) will be appreciated.


Don Ziesig

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