[Lazarus] Building Lazarus for QT or GTK2 under windows

Michael Thompson mike.cornflake at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 09:06:04 CEST 2016


I'm having problems building Lazarus for either QT or GTK2.
I'm running Windows 8, using Laz and fpc Trunk.
I'm changing the LCL Widget Type from Lazarus -> Tools -> Configure "Build
No defines.  "Normal IDE".  Target OS: Win32, Target CPU: i386
Rebuilding from the Configure "Build Lazarus" by clicking "Build"

No obvious error message during the compilation, but when Lazarus restarts,
LCL Widget Set is still win32 (confirmed by About box, by querying internal
IDE Macro $(LCLWidgetType), and you know, by the fact that everything still
looks win32 :-) )

I note a related post from Forum User Blaazen:

Can't see anything currently in Mantis, but by necessity the keywords I'm
using produce a large amount of unrelated returns.  Before I do lodge
anything in Mantis, am I missing something obvious?

Many thanks

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