[Lazarus] Aarch64 as CPU target for RPi3 with Linux as OS

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Fri Mar 4 07:58:54 CET 2016

Then, perhaps, the ODROID-C2 could be your toy for aarch64 !

Especially the eMMC connector makes it very suitable for reliable 
embedded (FPC) applications.
As well as its 2Gbyte SDRAM and Gigabit Ethernet.
Arch has 64 bit ready: 

But, with the RPi3, you can reach a much wider audience.
Which is my goal with the Pi.

>I ordered also one in the hope using it to play with fpc aarch64.
>But currently it does not look good as it seems that it is not only a
>matter of the kernel but also the firmware. At least I didn't unwrap
>mine yet because of this, without aarch64 support I see no use for me 
>in it.

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