[Lazarus] Ann: class code creation

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Tue Mar 8 15:51:55 CET 2016

Thanks, it's a nice idea. I think that selecting in listbox by arrow keys is annoying and slow. i would rather use RadioGroup where the option can be selected faster by Alt+Key.
> Od: Ondrej Pokorny <lazarus at kluug.net>
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> Datum: 07.03.2016 21:26
> Předmět: [Lazarus] Ann: class code creation
I implemented "class code creation" in r51851. I was already tired of creating/copying object variables by hand. The idea is the same as with code creation (ctrl+shift+c), but the variable is created in one of the class section:
 It is the first version, it probably will need some tuning, so please give feedback.


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