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Roberto P. padovani.r at gmail.com
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2016-03-22 17:24 GMT+01:00 Werner Pamler <werner.pamler at freenet.de>:

> Am 22.03.2016 um 16:16 schrieb Roberto P.:
>> To make it work well enough, I am still missing one point: is there a way
>> to detect which is the last used row in a column or the last used column in
>> a row?
>> A single cell is "not enough".
> TsWorksheet.GetLastOcccupiedRowIndex, GetLastOccupiedColIndex determine
> the indexes of the last cell of the worksheet.
> There's also a  TsWorksheet.GetLastRowIndex, GetLastColIndex which
> consider also Row and Column records (needed for predefined row heights and
> column widths) beyond the last occupied cell. Both have an optional
> parameter "ForceCalculation" which you should set to true in your first
> call in order to initialize the cached value.
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