[Lazarus] Having multiple Lazarus like GetLazarus version

Aradeonas aradeonas at operamail.com
Thu Mar 24 16:23:17 CET 2016

> That is what the lazarus.cfg file is for.
> Instead of supplying the parameters fer --pcp, you put them into the
> cfg file.
> lazarus.exe, when started, looks for a lazarus.cfg file in the same
> folder as the exe. If found it adds the content to its command line
> params. (one per line).
> so if you have
> c:\lazarus   installation of 1.6, should use config in the default
>   location
> c:\laz_trunk   needs different config
> then you add
> c:\laz_trunk\lazarus.cfg
> with the --pcp param you need.
> And with that you can start c:\laz_trunk\lazarus.exe anyway you want,
> it will use the pcp given in the cfg file.
I done that but it will be the reason of many errors about installing
packages. and again I cant find any cfg file about this config with
GetLazarus version.
> Right-click on pinned Lazarus, right-click on Lazarus, properties and
> edit the target to add --pcp= (at least it works on my Win7)
Thanks but my shortcut have this but problem is still there at least in
Can anyone with more experience than me if he got time get
www.getlazarus.org version and give it a try?

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