[Lazarus] Having multiple Lazarus like GetLazarus version

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Thu Mar 24 21:00:57 CET 2016

On 24/03/2016 19:48, Aradeonas wrote:
>     The same as when you specified --pcp
>     If you copied the lazarus.exe from another install, then you need
>     to rebuild it once. And add or remove packages if needed.
> unfortunately I cant understand you.
well using a lazarus.cfg file (with --pcp inside) is exactly the same as 
specifying --pcp on the commandline or in a shortcutp

If you get warnings with --pcp in one case, you get them in the other 
case too.
Otherwise you made some mistake and the --pcp was not regocnized at all.

lazarus.cfg is internally handled as part of the commandline.

The advantage of lazarus.cfg is, that you can create as many shortcuts 
(or pin it) as you like. They all go to the same lazarus.exe, and then 
the lazarus.cfg is loaded.
So you do not need to add --pcp to all the shorcuts.

My lazarus.cfg contains one line

And one the first start that path (must exist) will be populated with 
default config. And since them it is an independend installation.

As for the warnings about packages.
I do not know what you did.
But lets say you got trunk from svn. Then copied the lazarus.exe from 
your 1.6 install into that folder. Added the --pcp (in lazarus.cfg). And 
then run it. This exe will give warnings, as it now no longer has its conf.
You can ignore them. Menu Tools, build ide. And all is fine.
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