[Lazarus] Having multiple Lazarus like GetLazarus version

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Thu Mar 24 22:26:14 CET 2016

On 24/03/2016 20:36, Aradeonas wrote:
> Aha!
> If found the problem!
> I have a config folder in my Lazarus directory that has every config 
> xml files like default Lazarus have in Appdata.
> When I open Lazarus forms shortcut like I said there was no problem 
> but when I add that path to cfg it has problem until I changed the 
> address to this : --primary-config-path=C:\Trunk\lazarus\config and 
> now it solved and no problem.
What did you use before? --pcp? If that works on commandline but not in 
.cfg, then report a bug please.
> But Im still curios about how GetLazarus version works without a cfg 
> file and it will be very good if any one can check that.

You need to ask them.

Just to understand, you can download getlazarus, install the same 
version into 2 different folders, and run them and they have separate 

Maybe they changed the code to use a folder inside the install dir?
The problem with the install dir is that on Linux you can not always 
find it easily. E.g. if the lazarus exe is linked (hard linked) to 
another location. (In that case the lazarus.cfg can not be found 
either). On Windows that is on problem.

Lazarus stores the config files by default in the location that is 
typical for the OS (each OS has guidelines for that). Storing inside the 
exe folder is against that rules. It can cause problems if:
- the install folder is read only to the user (the lazarus.cfg file is 
part of the install, it does not get changed by lazarus, so no problem)
- the folder can not be found, because the exe is outside the folder 
(hard link on linux). In this case lazarus.cfg will not work either, but 
at least a normal install will still work. lazarus.cfg is optional.

If the folder can not be found, lazarus will find the install folder, 
once it has the config, because the config contains the location where 
the lazarus sources are installed.
(Obviously if you get the install folder only from the config, then it 
is to late for --pcp)

And yes an install folder can be write protected (default on many linux 
installs), if you rebuild the IDE, then all the new ppu files are 
created inside the config folder.

So there are good reasons why Lazarus does it the way it does.

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