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Tue May 17 10:41:53 CEST 2016

On 2016-05-17 09:10, Ondrej Pokorny wrote:
> Lazarus itself is not licensed under modified LGPL but GPL/LGPL. It's
> LCL that uses modified LGPL. Third-party components in "components"
> directory have different licenses as well. E.g. some are GPL only (e.g.
> CodeTools).

Exactly! Lazarus is a bit of a mixed bag, and it is up to the developer
to check the license of any third party component, be that in the
“components” directory, or the Lazarus-CCR code repository. Not all open
source licenses are equal, so it is up to the developer to decide if it
fits in with his wishes and his project goals.

I just had a similar thread in the FPC mailing list. The “Simplified
BSD” (2-clause) license is as “free” as you can get, but apparently it
doesn’t fit in with the goals of Free Pascal’s FCL, so no BSD licensed
components will be accepted in the FCL. I believe that is very
unfortunate, but I respect there wishes.

Coming back to AggPas, the Generic Polygon Clipper (GPC) unit is
completely optional as I mentioned, and not used by AggPas as standard.
The GPC unit by itself is not the issue, but the Algorithm that it
implements - that is what is under license. Now some would argue that
algorithms cannot be licensed either, but that is another matter, and
not something I would like to discuss.


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