[Lazarus] cthread library for fpc 3.0 on raspberry pi. - SOLVED

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sat May 21 19:45:06 CEST 2016

On 05/20/2016 06:04 PM, Donald Ziesig wrote:
> Hi All!
> I'm still trying to play audio on my Raspberry Pi B 2 using FPC 3.0 
> and Lazarus 1.7 using UOS.
> After help from Graeme and Mattias, (many thanks) I was able to get 
> UOS to compile, but when I try to run the demo programs I get Runtime 
> Error 232.  This implies that I do not have the appropriate cthread 
> library installed on the Pi.  Can anyone tell me what file(s) I need 
> and where to get them?
> I am able to compile and run the demos on my Linux Mint 17.2 laptop.
> Thanks,
> Don Ziesig
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It took a while, but I finally figured out how to get the audio to play 
on my Raspberry Pi using UOS.

I never did notice that the "cthread," line in the demo's lpr file was 
grayed out.  This meant that the conditional compilation directives were 
eliminating that line from the code.   Simply adding the line {$define 
UseCThreads} into the define.inc file caused the execution to succeed 
and play sounds.,

I am not sure why this was defined by default on my Laptop and not on 
the Pi, but that is all that was wrong.

Thanks again for the help.  Now I am off to work fixing the target app 
by rewriting the PlayAudio object to use UOS rather than omxplayer.

Don Ziesig

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