[Lazarus] Lazarus on the move.

Paul Breneman list2010 at BrenemanLabs.com
Mon May 30 01:20:30 CEST 2016

On 05/29/2016 09:57 AM, Marc Weustink wrote:
> What I have experienced at work a while ago, were I was subscribed to
> the same list as at home, that at work all long lines didn't wrap
> anymore. IIRC it had something to do with some intermediate mail filter
> like spamassasin, rewriting headers, which couldn't handle utf8 mail
> messages and making a mess of it.

Spam Assassin can also change the content of a scanned email slightly if 
the settings aren't correct to prevent it.

That will mess up Cloudmark's fingerprint and prevent www.Cloudmark.com 
Desktop from working,  I've used that for *many* years and have other 
links and notes about it (ask off list).


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