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Sounds like backscatter mail;
Sender is spoofing your email; as long as you have valid spf, and dkim for 
the sending domain the spoofed email should be picked up by most well 
configured mail server as not originating from sender and not deliver; 
sometimes the mail server may send a message back to your server informing 
you that an email was received that failed spf and dkim and was not 

An analogy would be somebody sending a letter to an unknown person and 
placing your home address as the sender on the envelope; the person it was 
sent to opens it; and send back 'return to sender'; you then get the letter 
as your home address is on the letter,having not sent it in the first place, 
very annoying.

Sometimes an email or domain can be attacked in this way to send out 
spam/viruses etc, and by having valid spf/dkim etc should reduce the 
possibility of this happening; however one thing that you will need to check 
regularly is that you do not get black listed use something like mxtoolbox 
to check your domain is not black listed; as if your getting attacked in 
this way and spam/viruses are 'appearing' to come from your domain; mail 
servers can be configured to auto report this activity to the likes of 
protected sky etc causing a blacklisting; once your blacklisted you will 
have problems sending to the likes of hotmail,gmail,aol,yahoo etc as well as 
company mail servers that use these blacklisting services as blacklist 

if you getting problems sending to gmail/yahoo/hotmail,outlook, live etc. 
Make sure that you have signed up to the bulk mail sending service ( or 
something like that; it is specific to each one so may take some googling) 
so that they do not block you dead; hotmail,outlook,live etc if you get 
black listed can take some time to get cleared as it is not automated and is 
done by human and you will have to jump through some hoops to clear it.

I come across this a lot; it seems to have escalated in the last 6 months. I 
have one mail server that is only confirming less than 0.2% as valid emails 
a months; the rest 99.8% is backscatter/spoofed emails; that you have no 
control over as you have not sent them. On this one server it was getting 
blacklisted twice a week; I even took the server down for a 2 week period; 
and it was getting blacklisted during this period.

Just food for thought.
Might be of use.

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Am 01.10.2016 um 13:48 schrieb Shaun via Lazarus:
> sorry to inform you but the link leads to a scam site that has been
> doing the rounds for quite some time.

That's indeed a spam mail and it wasn't sent by me. As far as I can tell
they faked the sender and used my name and mail address.

Looking as the source code of the mail reveals it was sent by
109241132252.raciborz.vectranet.pl via mailhost.mobimail.mobitelnet.lk,
so no Gmx was involved.

Since a few month I have seen several of such mails and also get
"Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" mail from time to time for mails I
did not sent.

I don't think I can do anything about that as the mails are neither send
by me nor by my computer.
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