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Tue Oct 4 14:35:55 CEST 2016

On 2016-10-04 13:11, Balázs Székely via Lazarus wrote:
>  I decided to implement the online package manager(opkman) or at least give
> it a try.

Not to deter from all your efforts, but I think there is already a
brilliant solution called "Delphinus". It is an open-source replacement
to the ridiculous one included with newer Delphi versions as standard.

All that would be required is to port that code to work with Lazarus IDE
(instead of Delphi IDE - or possible work with both IDE's).

So, what's the benefit of Delphinus:
  * there is _no_ central repository!
  * You can publish new project without notifying the Delphinus
  * It hooks into the Github API, so everything is automated.
  * You can have a console app or IDE add-on to install

See the second link for how simple it is to publish a new project.

Delpinus (website and code repository)

Publishing your Project for Delphinus


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