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> Hi,
>  I decided to implement the online package manager(opkman) or at least
> give it a try. The first stable(alpha) version is ready and it works like
> this: the packages are zipped and stored in a webserver(repository) along
> with a json file. I chose zip to minimize server load. The json file
> contains all the necessary info about the packages. Once installed into the
> IDE, the opkman downloads, then serialize the json file into a package
> list. The list is  displayed in a tree. On request the packages can be
> downloaded or/and installed. For now the repository is read-only, it
> contains only eight, well known(I guess?) packages. The nature/type of the
> eight package is irrelevant for now, since we are only testing the
> functionality of the opkman. Few notes:
>  1. Supported versions: Laz 1.6+(FPC 3.0.0+). I did the
> implementation/testing with Lazarus trunk(FPC 3.0.0)
>  2. Tested under the following widgetsets: Win32/64, GTK2, Carbon
>  3. After install, you can find opkman in the "Package" menu
>  4. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/
> d/0B9Me_c5onmWoVXU3Y1N2dk8xWDQ/view?usp=sharing
>  Please test! Suggestions are welcome.
>  PS: Big thanks to @Leledumbo for hosting the repository.
>  regards,
>  Balázs

Thanks for sharing it, it's really a great job! :-)

Some suggestions:

* allow the user to use Lazarus-CCR/Github/Bitbucket/GitLab as component
server; (it allows anyone to publish their components)
* rename it to something like LazGetIt or LPM (Lazarus package manager)
etc., try to send it to be distributed in the Lazarus /components folder,
or try to ask Lazarus team about how to improve it, so that it comes
installed as default in the official Lazarus IDE; (Lazarus needs a official
solution like Delphi's GetIt or Delphinus)
* add the "Uninstall", "Remove", "Download" and "Info" buttons; (Uninstall
- just uninstall it from Lazarus IDE; Remove - uninstall and remove all
downloaded files; Download - just download the component sources without
install it; Info - show the component README/overview)
* synchronize it to show some already installed component; (it avoid
conflict with another installed user component)
* allow it to use HTTPS.

Anyway, I've not seen the sources, I've just installed it on my IDE taking
the following awesome window: https://img42.com/6axLU .

Silvio Clécio
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