[Lazarus] Fast-small utilities for common javascript tasks, anyone?

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> Hi, as some of you I mix Lazarus/FPC applications with Javascript/HTML/CSS
> web sites. As you know, the trend now is using NodeJs for everything, but
> as I see it too bloated I'm looking for small utilities to do the usual
> tasks, I mean minifying, linting, uglifying.
> I'm not neccesarily looking for programs developed using FPC, those can be
> done in C (like jsmin from Douglas Crockford) or C++, or any other compiled
> language without dependencies (please, not Java nor .Net).
> Why I ask this here?, well, first of all, because this is a very friendly
> community, many of you think as I that software should be as least bloated
> as possible, also because I asked this before on the javascript irc channel
> and everyone uses NodeJs there, also I've got many -1s in StackOverflow for
> asking for specific 3rd party utilities.
> Regards,
> --
> Leonardo M. Ramé
> http://leonardorame.blogspot.com

Stackoverflow nazis do get annoying. Try reddit. They are more friendly and
newbie questions gets responses. No one is going to close or mark your
question for deletion.

Frank Church

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