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> On 2016-10-13 23:13, Erwin van den Bosch via Lazarus wrote:
> > The problem is that you should separate your business logic and
> > the GUI. With Delphi like RAD it's very difficult to do that. (but it is
> > possible) Everything is coded in events and connected to database aware
> > GUI controls. (In the case of a database application)
> Exactly why I use tiOPF for every application I write - even
> non-Database applications. Also exactly why I implemented the MGM
> (Model-GUI-Mediator) design pattern for use with VCL, LCL and fpGUI
> Toolkit - also included in the tiOPF repository.
> All my form units are now VERY empty as all the real functionality lives
> in mediators. This also makes unit testing of my code much easier.
> > Another problem with the RAD way is that a lot is stored in forms (.lfm
> > files) and it's difficult to see/notice changes to those files.
> And exactly why I designed the fpGUI Visual Forms Designer to generate
> actual Object Pascal code in a AfterCreate() method, instead of using
> *.lfm or *.dfm files.  I now have one unit in my source code revision
> system that shows all changes (no need review two files for form
> changes), I can easily do a search & replace for form components and
> other code, and I also don't need to fire up a visual form designer if I
> just want to make one small tweak to a property.
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>   Graeme
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I am reading/studying the fpGUI system . The problem here is that it is NOT
an alternative to , let's say , Lazarus , in the sense that , the SAME
program can not be compiled as a Lazarus program or an fpGUI program as it
is like compiling the same program by Delphi ( with required compiler
directives ) . It is necessary either use Lazarus or fpGUI programming .

As an example , I want to convert my program to fpGUI . If I can do it , it
may be more easy to convert it to C program . To convert it to fpGUI
program is a hard problem because it is necessary to convert all of the GUI
related parts ( because all of the unit names are different , I did not
study their contents very much  ) .

In previous years


was limited to Linux . I do not know whether the same program can be
compiled as a  Lazarus or MSEide program .

During teaching , it is necessary to take care about such differences .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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