[Lazarus] Watch List shows absolute rubbish

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Fri Oct 14 17:48:17 CEST 2016


Is it a known issue that the Watch List shows absolute rubbish from time
to time???  Or at least that you can't trust the details is does show?

Take a look at the screenshot attached. Look at the code, and the Watch
window. Note the value of "i" and "FShowDeleted" in the Watch window. It
is the first iteration in the "for i ..." loop, so "i" should be Zero.
Now take a look at what the Watch List shows! In the second case, the
FShowDeleted is a boolean field variable and currently has the value
False, but again, look at what the Watch window shows.

How the hell is one supposed to do debugging like this??  I've just
wasted hours debugging code, thinking that the information in the Watch
List is reliable. WTF. Sorry, but I'm fuming mad at this point [if you
haven't guessed].

I'm running FreeBSD 10.3 (64-bit) with 64-bit FPC 2.6.4 and Lazarus from
trunk (updated 2 weeks ago). GDB version 7.11.1.

If FreeBSD is not a supported environment for Lazarus, then please state
so clearly and I'll stop using Lazarus under it.

  Why are some lines painted in grey in the Watch List? Does that
  have anything to do with this issue?


fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal

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