[Lazarus] Run parameters

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sat Feb 11 11:22:23 CET 2017


Currently, the options specified in 'Run - Parameters' are stored in the
project.lpi file.

I have always found this a strange choice.
What is the rationale for this decision ?

Logically, I would I think these parameters belong in the .lps file ?
For example: a program that takes a filename. On my home PC, the file is in
one location. At work, it is in another location.

Since these parameters are in the lpi file, they also gets checked in into git or svn, 
when in fact nothing has necessarily changed in my project if I just 
did a debug session with different parameters... Thus causing many false
'modified' notifications, or often worse, conflicts when 2 different command-lines

Some programs accept a --username or --password option. I had several cases
where my username/password were saved in a .lpi file and checked in, thus
exposing my credentials to collegues...

So, would it be an option to have the run parameters saved in the .lps file?
This would avoid many of the pitfalls.


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