[Lazarus] LCL High-DPI

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Tue Feb 21 16:40:02 CET 2017

Hi Ondrej!

Your work has made a major improvement in Lazarus.  It is much more 
enjoyable to use.  I have converted my most recent major APP using it 
and it was mostly straight forward.

I will continue using it and report back to you as my work permits.

Thank you,

Don Ziesig

On 02/20/2017 11:46 AM, Ondrej Pokorny via Lazarus wrote:
> I'd like to announce that I finished the concept of DPI scaling in 
> Lazarus / LCL.
> It's quite easy for the programmer. Documented here: 
> http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/High_DPI (details are in "High DPI 
> in Lazarus 1.7 and above").
> 1.) I made the Lazarus IDE High-DPI aware - the IDE itself and its 
> windows should scale correctly.
> 2.) To make your own application use the new LCL scaling and to make 
> sure your layouts don't get destroyed, do the following:
> a.) Make sure you don't change the system DPI settings during the 
> proccess.
> b.) Update the IDE to the latest trunk and rebuild it.
> c.) Open your project in the IDE.
> d.) Enable LCL scaling for your application DPI awarness in Project 
> Options -> Application -> "Use LCL scaling (Hi-DPI).
> e.) On Windows: enable DPI awarness in Project Options -> Application. 
> Decide if you want to support per monitor DPI awarness or not.
> f.) Make sure TForm.Scaled=True for all your forms (default value).
> g.) Make sure you use TControl.ScaleCoord() or ScaleCoord96() to scale 
> coordinates during the run-time.
> And you are ready. Your forms will scale both in runtime and design 
> time nicely.
> For those who followed my last announcement: as Zeljko and Michael 
> requested, I removed the LCLScaleForms define and introduced the 
> Application.Scaled property instead (that you set in step 2d). The 
> default value is Application.Scaled=False.
> If you keep Application.Scaled=False, there won't be any changes in 
> your application.
> Please report issues or comment on problems. I have still time to 
> change things until Lazarus 1.8 is out (you can expect RC1 in April).
> Ondrej

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