[Lazarus] Animation library

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 13:55:47 CET 2017


In the last days I was working in something like an animation library 
that allows me to perform flashing messages, collapsable panels, and 
other simple animation effects.

The pre-requisites are no threading involved, it must be able to animate 
anything (abstraction) and life cycle must be handled by the engine.

Finally I end with and alpha version which I wish to share with the 
community to get a bit of feedback before include it in Lazarus CCR or 
maybe in LCL itself.

The current code has two "libraries", the "uanimationbasic" which 
handles the objects life cycle and coordinate operations and a derived 
"uanimationcontrol" with a series of animations to be used in form controls.

As demos uses images the size of the package are quite big to be 
included in this email so you can download it from:

http://dyn.consultem.org/jfanimlib.zip (268 Kb).

Attached screenshot of controls sample.

It has been tested with Lazarus 1.6 and fpc 3.0.0 in Windows, but Linux 
should work also.


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