[Lazarus] SVG Editor or Viewer

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Mon Jan 30 09:44:08 CET 2017

On 2017-01-30 04:39, Lars via Lazarus wrote:
> Does anyone know of any Lazarus projects or code that views SVG files...

As Adrian mentioned, AggPas (native Pascal port of Anti-Grain Geometry)
supports SVG and an example is included. fpGUI's repository includes the
most up to date (features and bug fixes) implementation of AggPas (that
I know of). Lazarus also includes a copy, but it is older that the fpGUI
one. And as Adrian mentioned, there is a heavily refactored one called
AggPasMod, but I have no idea in what state it is or what bug fixes it
had applied to it.

AggPas included with fpGUI gets used daily, so I know it works.


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