[Lazarus] Sparta Form Designer change

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 07:57:01 CEST 2017

Okay I tested on OSX. The sparta docked form designer mostly works. Notable
problems on OSX are:

1) Forms appear at runtime without a border. This can be fixed by setting
the BorderStyle at runtime to bsSingle or bsSizeable.

Note setting the BorderStyle at design time causes the border to be
disabled at runtime, meaning buttons in the caption area are disabled and
do not respond to mouse events.

2) Forms are green. I searched the sparta forms files and found the clGreen
used as the color of a few items. I switched them to clBtnFace and the look
normal again. I assume the green color is/was for testing. It's no problem
to fix.

3) Not much of a big deal, but resizing the designer seems a bit laggy,
especially when you release the mouse. It takes a second for the designer
to refresh when this happens. again not a big deal but it would be nice if
it felt a bit snappier.

Related, on OSX the cursor crSizeNWSE doesn't exist and instead reverts to
crSizeWE. I suggest using an ${ifdef darwin} and revert to the four
directional arrow crSizeAll when sizing from the lower right corner in unit:


Other than that, it looks good on both OSX and Windows. Let me know if you
want my OSX patches.
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