[Lazarus] Terminal window while debugging

Darius Blaszyk dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Mar 5 19:53:00 CET 2017

>> On Linux I don't get the terminal to show when debugging a command 
>> line application. How can I instruct the IDE to display the terminal? 
>> There is the console window, but I prefer to see the terminal instead. 
>> On windows this seems to be handled just fine. I'm using 1.6.4

With "console window" I was referring to the "terminal output" debug 

> Because on Windows the operating system automatically provides a 
> console if the application is a console one. That is not the case on 
> most other systems however.
> If you want a terminal window on Linux you need to enable it in the 
> project settings (don't remember the correct name right now, but the 
> default setting AFAIK is that it's disabled and using "xterm", you'll 
> need to adjust that for your system).

What setting would that be? Are you possibly referring to the "run 
parameters" dialog and the "launching application" setting? Activating 
that gives the following error:

"/usr/bin/gnome-terminal": not in executable format: File format not 

Switching to xterm does not help. Then I get:

The GDB command:
"info address main"
returned the error:
",msg="No symbol \"main\" in current context.""

Regards, Darius

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