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Wed Mar 8 01:40:35 CET 2017

On 2017-03-07 19:02, Lars via Lazarus wrote:
> Do you use JWM just for testing, or JWM all the time for all work?

I've been using JWM non-stop for the last 4 years! I'll never return to
a bloated "desktop environment" again.

Things I like about it:
 * I only activate the global shortcuts I need like Alt+F2, Alt-Tab.
   Nothing else, so it never conflicts with any application shortcuts.
 * Menus are a breeze to edit. I even used a 3rd party tool that
   generated JWM include files from Gnome/KDE menus (but don't do
   that any more).
 * My desktop/application menu only contains what I need and use, and
   items are grouped to what makes more sense to me.
 * Clicking anywhere on the desktop window brings up the application
 * Virtual desktops are built-in, as well as dragging apps from one
   virtual desktop to another
 * A Win95 like "taskbar" is built-in (optional). The same for
   the trayicon areas.
 * A simple theme with rectangular windows (very configurable if you are
   into that kind of stuff, and you can configure rounded corner
   windows too).
 * The ability to restart JWM without having to shut down X11 or any
   of your applications.eg: to refresh the application menus or
   other config settings after being edited.
 * It's fast and very light with RAM usage.
 * Works perfectly with multiple monitors (I have 3), and I configured
   the taskbar to the center monitor only.

I can send you my config file if you want to see my layout.


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