[Lazarus] Mac Hi-DPI 2

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Fri Mar 10 12:54:14 CET 2017

On 10.03.2017 6:38, Alexey via Lazarus wrote:
> seems I cannot see how scaling works on Mac. Reason: MacOS don't scale 
> coords of controls, and don't have event "scale changed". It scales 
> using Retina thing when i call video mode "nnn x nnn hi-dpi". It 
> means: only DPI changes, coords dont change (controls must draw in 
> high dpi, but on same x,y-x2,y2)

To me it looks like Carbon applications are scaled automatically by the 
OS. Something similar to what also Windows uses if you switch High-DPI 
awarness off.

That means the regardless of your screen (retina, non-retina) the DPI is 
always 96. So there shouldn't be any LCL-scaling involved.

It's only what I see from the pictures and the code, I cannot test it 
myself because I don't have a retina screen to check.


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