[Lazarus] https website for Lazarus

Tony Whyman tony.whyman at mccallumwhyman.com
Mon Mar 13 18:08:14 CET 2017

Has anyone thought about supporting https on the Lazarus (and Free 
Pascal) websites? Firefox, for example, is getting increasingly sniffy 
about unprotected websites and for good reason.

It would also be useful to protect the svn feeds, if only to reduce the 
risk of a man in the middle attack sneaking something nasty into the 
source code.

Let's encrypt (https://letsencrypt.org/) seems to offer a very good free 
service for https certificates where the objective is to protect the 
connection and give reasonable confidence  that you are talking to the 
named website, so there does not seem to be a cost reason why https is 
not supported.

Tony Whyman


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