[Lazarus] Lazarus IDE crash

C Western l at c-m-w.me.uk
Sat Mar 18 10:53:46 CET 2017

I am seeing the following crash in r54438 and later; this is on adding a 
panel to an empty project:

AddComponent TPanel Parent=Form1:TForm1 125,63,0,0
Parent is 'Form1:TForm1'
Hint: (lazarus) [TPkgManager.AddUnitDependenciesForComponentClasses] 
Extending Uses unit1.pas ExtCtrls
Codetools  Stack trace:
   $00000000008C0655  FINDNODE,  line 771 of codetoolsstructs.pas
   $00000000008C177C  GETSTRING,  line 1046 of codetoolsstructs.pas
   $00000000008DBC51  SEARCHCASEDININCPATH,  line 4003 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008DB8A7  SEARCHINCLUDEFILE,  line 4075 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008DC161  INCLUDEFILE,  line 4094 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008DB238  INCLUDEDIRECTIVE,  line 3888 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008D6A43  SHORTSWITCHDIRECTIVE,  line 3202 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008D6BC3  DODIRECTIVE,  line 3221 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008D0D44  HANDLEDIRECTIVE,  line 1757 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008D2736  READCURLYCOMMENT,  line 2189 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008D0FCF  READNEXTTOKEN,  line 1801 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000008D20CE  SCAN,  line 2100 of linkscanner.pas
   $00000000009531DD  BEGINPARSING,  line 1992 of customcodetool.pas
   $000000000096FDED  BEGINPARSING,  line 8354 of finddeclarationtool.pas
   $00000000009395F0  BUILDTREE,  line 598 of pascalparsertool.pas
   $000000000096EBD2  BUILDINTERFACEIDENTIFIERCACHE,  line 8158 of 
   $000000000096E9E8  FINDIDENTIFIERININTERFACE,  line 8044 of 
### TCodeToolManager.HandleException: "EAccessViolation: Access violation"

Is it just me?


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