[Lazarus] Change in source editor behaviour ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Mar 30 22:44:36 CEST 2017


I just updated my Lazarus - after quite some time (I was at 52983)
to the latest SVN version (54501).

It seems the editor behaviour regarding selection has changed. 
In a *major* annoying way, I might add.

Before the update, if I stood at the start of a line, and did shift-down,
the first line would be selected, including newline. 
Which is exactly what I wanted and what I always used: 
shift-down to select a line, copy to clipboard and then paste somewhere.

After the update, when I do this, the first line is selected, and the second
line (where the cursor is after shift-down) as well. 
With as a result that I can no longer select a single line with newline!!

Is this intentional and if so, can this new behaviour be reverted - or at least
made optional ? it is *extremely* annoying, I have no words for it 
(and if I had they would be really, really expletive).

It's IMHO also bad policy to change the behaviour of an editor in such a
major way without at least notifying people (as far as I can see, there is
nothing in the WIKI about this)


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