[Lazarus] Lazarus Release Candidate 1 of 1.8.0

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Wed May 17 17:52:54 CEST 2017

On 17.05.2017 17:47, Luca Olivetti via Lazarus wrote:
> El 17/05/17 a les 17:43, Ondrej Pokorny via Lazarus ha escrit:
>> On 17.05.2017 17:38, Luca Olivetti via Lazarus wrote:
>>> FWIW it does the same with linux/gtk2 and, boy, the ide is *ugly*: 
>>> giant, blurred, icons everywhere, giant fonts in the tabs of the 
>>> components' palette, giant fonts in the object inspector...you get 
>>> the drift.
>>> The fonts in the editor seems fine, but maybe it's because I changed 
>>> the default a long time ago.
>> What is your DPI settings?
> Is this the correct way to check?

Yes it is.

> $ xdpyinfo | grep dots
>   resolution:    143x144 dots per inch

You use 150% scaling (96 DPI = 100%), so Lazarus is also scaled by 150%.

It's a new feature :)


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