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That warning is misleading, makes too many assumptions about why the user
needs to do something (often a common mistake when trying to "correct"
others) and IMO wrong. Pointers and integers are separate things and a very
common reason PtrInt and PtrUInt are used are to reserve memory in cases
where you may want to store either an integer or a pointer but never both
and need enough memory to hold either one (similar reason why intptr_t and
uintptr_t exist in C). In that case, IntPtr is very useful when you want
the integer to be signed.

For example, TComponent uses that for the Tag attribute and it is sometimes
useful that you can store both unsigned integers and pointers in it.

Beyond that, it is also useful when interfacing with C code that accepts
intptr_t (for the same reasons).

The warning is really like having a "warning: dont use this because it is
dangerous" sticker to an industrial saw: the people buying the saw are
already in a position to know what they need to use it.

Summary: the IntPtr type was far from a mistake, the warning is misleading
and IMO it should be removed not only for the above reasons, but also
because AFAIK not all platforms treat pointers as linear addresses (let
alone signed or unsigned - for an example see i8086 pointers) and pointer
arithmetic should be done with the pointer types themselves instead of
converting them to integers (this is especially necessary for non-linear
addresses since IntPtr(Ptr+1) might not be the same as IntPtr(Ptr)+1).

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>> shows it's useful. It supports Longint or PtrInt or PtrUInt? Or i need
>> another list for PtrInt
> You may already be aware, but check out the warnings in this page
> https://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/rtl/system/ptrint.html
> "*The introduction of the ptrint type was a mistake. Please use ptruint
> <https://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/rtl/system/ptruint.html>** instead*"
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> Mike
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