[Lazarus] Developing a WidgetSet

Lubos Pintes lubos.pintes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 10:54:49 CET 2017

Hello again,
I am hunting for hard-to-find bug and have no idea where it happens.
Now I would like to ask about correct way of adding a new message into 
the Win32WidgetSet. Chances are that I am doing it incorrectly. I need 
to handle a WM_GETOBJECT message, and I did it as follows:

     WM_GETOBJECT: with WindowInfo^ do
       if(WinControl <> nil) and(LParam = UiaRootObjectId) then begin
         Provider := TUIAControl(WinControl.GetAccessibleObject.Handle);
         Exit(UiaReturnRawElementProvider(Window, WParam, LParam, 
       else Exit(CallDefaultWindowProc(Window, Msg, WParam, LParam));

I added this into  TWindowProcHelper.DoWindowProc: LResult;
Provider is the IRawElementProviderSimple interface and TUIAControl is a 
class implementing it based on information obtained from T(Win)Control.

I can confirm that Inspect can see the object(s). But one symptom I am 
receiving that a screen reader is unable to register that a form 
receives the focus. If I alt-tabbing, I hear "Project1", instead of "Form1".
But when I place for example a button to the form, it is reported 
correctly. And when I place a TLabel on the form, I receive a bug I 
described in another thread.

So now I stopped here and am unable to continue. I added a trace 
information into every function I implemented to see what is happening, 
but I have no idea what is bad there...
Hope someone will be able to understand this. :)

Dňa 8. 10. 2017 o 22:09 Lubos Pintes via Lazarus napísal(a):
> Hello,
> If I want to add a functionality like accessibility to WidgetSet, which 
> package could I use, lcl.lpk, or lclbase.lpk?
> Also, how can I rebuilt the package when I modify/add some unit? Do I 
> need to always rebuild the IDe, or there is a quicker way?
> I am thinking about syntax check / quick compilation to incrementally 
> check and fix semantic / syntax errors.
> Thanks

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