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It would be hard to beat SQLite for a small stand-alone single-user RDBMS.

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I remember that years ago in Delphi I often used Paradox (less often dBase) to create a small stand-alone database with my Delphi desktop programs. It had tge advantage of 

 1. using Delphi database controls,

 2. no need for a database server or DBMS to be installed on the client's machine (= less resources), 

 3. having the ability to deploy the database (basically the DB file(s) (I think it was one file per table), a .dll and a setup file telling the program where the db is stored (and links between tables?)) all together in a single install file (Installshield most of the time, sometimes a custom self-extracting file).

I am sure that Lazarus must still be used for these kind of quick-and-easy small stand-alone desktop applications. But what is your favourite small/embedded database for this kind of once-off personal programs these days, and why? Preferably something that can be used on both Linux and Windows without the need for ODBC or similar.





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