[Lazarus] External/out-of-tree LCL widgetset

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 09:06:09 CET 2017

On Sunday 26 November 2017 18:32:21 Kostas Michalopoulos via Lazarus wrote:
> Also AFAIK fpGUI doesn't use the native window system beyond the toplevel
> windows, which i think would make OpenGL support and interfacing with
> external stuff (e.g. calling an external library where you pass a HWND/X11
> Window directly) harder.
MSEgui has TWindowWidget (has a window handle) and TOpenglWidget for that 
I am sure fpGUI also could introduce such widgets. There is also a fpGUI 
version with windowhandle per widget.
> AFAIK MSEgui doesn't have an LCL widgetset. Most of my code is LCL specific
> and my concern is to keep using that code. If i am to rewrite it, might as
> well rewrite it in C.
I doubt it. ;-)
If the "business logic" is well separated solely the forms must be reverse 
engineered with MSEgui which often is possible with managable time and 


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