[Lazarus] External/out-of-tree LCL widgetset

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Mon Nov 27 20:04:41 CET 2017

On 2017-11-26 17:32, Kostas Michalopoulos via Lazarus wrote:
> Also AFAIK fpGUI doesn't use the native window system beyond the toplevel
> windows, which i think would make OpenGL support and interfacing with
> external stuff (e.g. calling an external library where you pass a HWND/X11
> Window directly) harder.

Just so inform everybody. fpGUI has the ability to switch between "alien 
windows" (only a top level window handle) or "each widget has a handle" 
during compile time. I've been a huge supported of the latter for many 
years, but in the last year or two I've seen first hand the benefits of 
the "alien windows" style and want performances it brings.

Implementing OpenGL inside a fpGUI application (where alien windows is 
enabled by default) shouldn't be a problem at all, as any fpGUI widget 
can specify if it needs its own window handle or not.


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