[Lazarus] String Grid Component

Torsten Bonde Christiansen tc at epidata.info
Mon Nov 27 20:17:07 CET 2017

On 2017-11-27 18:11, Werner Pamler via Lazarus wrote:
> Am 27.11.2017 um 17:51 schrieb Torsten Bonde Christiansen via Lazarus:
>> [...]  so that i can copy/paste the data to the clipboard.
> Hmm... You must be aware that the DrawGrid does not own any data. 
> Therefore it cannot copy anything to the clipboard. You'll have to 
> write clipboard access by yourself - which is not too difficult I guess.
Yes i am aware of that, all i need to know is which cells are selected 
in order to copy the data.

But thanks for the information :)


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