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Thu Nov 30 12:09:12 CET 2017

On 29/11/17 23:02, Graeme Geldenhuys via Lazarus wrote:
> On 2017-11-28 09:02, Michael Schnell via Lazarus wrote:
>> and  support for Delphi-typical RAD-style development.
> RAD style development is highly overrated - I wish you can see the
> mess I'm looking at (not my code). Each form are 1000's of lines long
> with tons of database logic hard-coded, business logic etc. The
> business rules are scattered between data modules, UI forms and
> stored procedures. Solving a bug - a needle in a very large
> haystack.

It is not easy to break free from old, procedural programming practices
especially that one of the 'best books' at the time did actively encourage
this kind of programming (Delphi 'Bible', around the time of D7, I'm looking at ya)

Heck, even the quasi-gui systems of old (Clipper, anyone?) were not emphasizing that.

(or just did not erect the business <-> GUI code barrier high enough for people to 
notice... or even state what it is or where it is supposed to be, or how it's supposed to be organized.
There is a sore lack of mid-grade non-trivial examples of that... when most examples for D you 
can find are 'slap a button  on the form and then paste this code to OnClick procedure', it starts 
inevitably to look like a hammer, to invoke the age-old pun ).

This may be 'obvious' to born and bred programmers ...

... but may not be not so for someone who just picked the Delphi for Beginners,
and tried to learn from that. Or just carried over their experience from Fortran, or Matlab, of all things.

> Regards, Graeme

/rant ;)


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