[Lazarus] Mousewheel events on TCustomControl

Martok listbox at martoks-place.de
Wed Oct 4 10:30:18 CEST 2017


> your scrollbars are part of control? I mean, are they created via
>   ShowScrollBar(Handle, SB_HORZ, True);
>   ShowScrollBar(Handle, SB_VERT, True);  ?

No, they are created as TScrollBar controls parented to the control and placed
in the client area. There should be nothing giving the widgetset the impression
that this scrollbar is somehow scrolling the window...

> [I] wrote component ECScheme, it is part of ECControls and I didn't use
> DoMouseWheelxxx methods at all. I use
>   procedure WMHScroll(var Msg: TWMScroll); message WM_HSCROLL;
>   procedure WMVScroll(var Msg: TWMScroll); message WM_VSCROLL;  

The messages are not received at all, no matter the handler. But thanks for the
reminder, if it works I'll need these either way for horizontal scrolling :)


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