[Lazarus] Lazarus code editor: what happened with the caret?

Lubos Pintes lubos.pintes at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 16:52:34 CEST 2017

Ahh, LCLCheckListBox is also not accessible, so I cannot disable things 
there, I have no feedback.
Dňa 7. 10. 2017 o 16:46 Lubos Pintes via Lazarus napísal(a):
> Hello and thank for info. NVDA uses screen scraping, it hooks Windows 
> API like ExtTextOut, TextOut, etc. This rarely works well, and it is 
> used as a last chance when everything else fails.
> Also there is an OCR, but it is only for static things, i.e. take a 
> snapshot of window and OCR it. So for example an inaccessible installer 
> can be used quite well, but something as dynamic as edit text area 
> cannot, at least now.
> Dňa 7. 10. 2017 o 16:12 Martin Frb via Lazarus napísal(a):
>> To rebuild the IDE, open the Tools Menu.
>> 2nd last entry: "Build Lazarus ... profile name"
>> Or last entry "Configure build lazarus" which opens a dialog, so you 
>> can specify compiler options.
>> How does NVDA read the content of a control? Does it do OCR?
>> Because SynEdit is entirely custom drawn. SynEdit does not expose it's 
>> text through any API.
>> If it is OCR, maybe it helps to switch SynEdit to black and white. 
>> (Tools: Options, then Editor, Colors / But you have to switch of each 
>> color by itself.
>> Also make sure you go to the config for "Markup and Matches" and 
>> disable everything there. (Especially the new option "Outline (global)"
>> If it is an issue with scrolling: Try compiling with the option 
>> -dSynNewScrollBarUpdate
>> On 07/10/2017 09:01, Lubos Pintes via Lazarus wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> One of your suggested changes indeed showed a system caret, but there 
>>> is probably another change, because the NVDA is unable to show me 
>>> lines after I scrool with a down arrow to try to read the contents. 
>>> But that may be a NVDA problem.
>>> For now I will use external editor for editing and special IDE 
>>> features like code completion directly in the environment.
>>> I now have another question, a bit unrelated to this thread but 
>>> relevant for me. If I make a change like this, I obviously need to 
>>> rebuild the IDE. Currently I am using the command
>>> lazbuild --build-ide= -q -q
>>> Can someone perhaps suggest a better command, another parameters for 
>>> example? I am not sure if that is totally correct. I will then save 
>>> the command to b.bat to make rebuilds easier.

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