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> >> Is it not possible to bundle supported resources in the LCL? That seems
> >> like the typical solution for Windows. On other OSes this is less
> >> but I have still seen it done.
> >
> >
> > Excuse me?
> > How could LCL bundle the fonts used by your OS?
> >
> It is not necessary to rely on only the system font collection, even
> when using WinAPI forms:
> Something similar is done in C++.
> Admittedly there does seem to be some confusion about whether you can
> make certain UI objects (non-GDI+, specifically) take on face of these
> fonts, but I suspect you can, as it seems that there is a common
> underlying graphics system that the old APIs use. Even if not it would
> be possible to distribute an open font with Lazarus/the LCL and
> install it when Lazarus/the LCL is installed.

If anything that should be part of the application's setup, not of the
application itself nor of the LCL.

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