[Lazarus] lazarus for visually impaired user

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Tue Oct 24 21:48:15 CEST 2017

Dear specialists,
Because making Lazarus accessible for visually impaired future 
developers is so easy, that it is rather not realistic, that somebody 
will make it free of charge, since project development is very heavy 
even without making it accessible for screen readers users, I have other 
constructive suggestion.
Who of us would initiate crout founding campaign by using Indigo or 
other servers, so Lazarus would become fully accessible. Please take in 
mind, that even latest Embarcade products are not fully accessible. The 
goal of The project would make Lazarus IDE fully accessible including 
form designer and also all libraries or units, which this IDE uses to 
make accessible also other packages, such Lamw, Lazarus android module 
Any opinions will be very welcomed. It would be great, since it would 
allow visually impaired programmers to develop professionally looked 
apps without need to use sighted assistance.
May be, that The manager of The whole project would try to think about 
it. Since finance from such campaign would be divided between engaged 
developers. I Am afraid, that The best results can only be achieved, if 
advanced Pascal developers, who are intensively developing Lazarus for 
several years can achieve this goal.
I think it well. I know, that making such thinks, thinks, which have not 
been made even by big commercial companies can not be made by yours team 
free of charge thanks its complexity.
I believe, that somebody will atleast think about my suggestion.

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