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> We use Object Pascal (FPC) to develop games, with my "Castle Game
> Engine", as part of the "Cat-astrophe Games" studio. We make Android
> and iOS games ("Escape from the Universe" is our main title now, with
> iOS release hopefully in ~2 weeks), and we plan to release a Steam
> game next year. So, both mobile and desktop.

Yeah, that is a excellent case study.
I believe most game programmers are using C/C++ and Lua.
Is it difficult to you find Pascal programmers?

We're an indie game studio, which practically just means that we're small.
So we did not yet need to hire additional programmers. A few persons work
on a project -- one full-time dev (me), one full-time graphic artist (for
2d and 3d..) and as we go along we often hire additional people for art and

>From the game communities and conferences, I see that most game programmers
right now use Unity 3d and C#.

>From talking with other programmers, I see that almost everyone has a basic
knowledge of Pascal, so that was very good. But many people don't know
things beyond Turbo Pascal features, and they only heard about Delphi but
don't know if it even still exists. So you need to explain to them how
stuff like classes looks like in Object Pascal -- which is easy, since they
know these concepts from other languages, you only need to show them the
syntax in Pascal (this is how I started to write my "Modern Pascal
Introduction for Programmers").

Also, in this field, people care a lot about the game engine features, and
the programming language is only one factor in this -- so even those that
were doubtful about the usage of Pascal, were still interested in Castle
Game Engine features.

Bottom line: when we'll be hiring, I'll definitely not limit the search to
Pascal programmers. It seems you can take a good programmer from any OOP
language, and if (s)he's really good, (s)he will pick up Pascal along the
way of learning the game engine. I know that many Unity3d programmers
learned C# along the way of learning Unity3d (come to think of it, so did I
:) ).

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