[Lazarus] Who is using Object Pascal in production?

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> We're working in the field of automatic machines. From textile machines to
> printer post-processing equipments (mainly in the security printers field),
> from coffee roasting machines to chain wear monitoring equipment. We do not
> usually deploy software, but rather we sell control equipments which are
> then integrated by the final manufacturer in the machine.
> Our equipments usually include custom embedded controllers and a
> supervisor which may range from an industrial grade PC to a Raspberry PI.
> It provides both the human interface and the real-time high-level process
> control.
> We're also frequently asked to integrate our supervisor into the factory
> data network both to provide production data (for statistical purposes,
> quality assurance, and security) and to fetch process information when
> appropriate. This leads to supplying also small servers which do handle
> network protocols, Data Base handling, creating Reports etc.
> We found today's Object Pascal and Lazarus to be the most cost effective
> solution, for a number of reasons. Mainly:
>    - Object pascal syntax makes it easier to detect programmer errors at
>    compile time, thus strongly reducing the debug time.
>    - Being most projects quite similar and with very short development
>    time allowed, we need readable and self documenting sources, making it easy
>    for anyone to modify project A into project B.
>    - For the same reason, re-usability of code for us is a must. Again
>    Object Pascal is a winner by this POV.
>    - Always for the same reason we need a RAD tool, and Lazarus IDE is
>    again a winner.
>    - We need to interface with our real-time framework with predictable
>    timing, and this rules out most of the "modern" languages.
>    - Given the relative stability of the Object Pascal language, we may
>    take advantage of a huge amount of code we have developed in the past. I've
>    just ported to Lazarus a program which was originally developed in the 90's
>    with Delphi 3!
> Many of those reasons apply also to Delphi, but we dropped Delphi long ago
> because:
>    1. Primarily, we need Linux support, because of the real-time
>    requirements, which aren't achievable in Windows environment. OS-X isn't an
>    option because we need industrial grade PC's.
>    2. Secondarily, Lazarus IDE is light years better than Delphi IDE.
When I  started the PascalSCADA project, these are the reasons why I choose
Lazarus/FPC. Now, some years ago, I'm happy with my choice, and it's the
main tool number here in my company.

The best regards,

Fabio Luis Girardi
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