[Lazarus] Who is using Object Pascal in production?

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Sat Oct 28 21:16:56 CEST 2017

On 2017-10-27 17:18, Giuliano Colla via Lazarus wrote:
>   2. Secondarily, Lazarus IDE is light years better than Delphi IDE.

That is so TRUE. I'm working full-time in a Delphi job again, using XE3 
which sadly shows the same issues I saw in a trial version of XE10 - so 
in all the "new versions" the same bugs still exist in the latest 
product release. What are Delphi developers actually paying for with 
their monthly subscriptions??? Clearly nothing is happing in the IDE 
front. The joys of the "ransom ware" product model being introduced all 
over the world.


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