[Lazarus] Who is using Object Pascal in production?

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Sat Oct 28 23:42:24 CEST 2017

On 2017-10-27 15:13, Michael Van Canneyt via Lazarus wrote:
> ... Recently we had a java service completely unresponsive for
>     30 seconds, it was doing GC... Not acceptable at all.

[on a side note - no need for a response]

I believe that could be down to a configuration issue or something else 
- not necessarily the Java language or VM or GC to be blamed for that. I 
say that because otherwise Stock Exchanges (they love Java), real-time 
robotics, banking (they really really love Java) etc would not be using 
Java... And here in the UK 8 out of every 10 Java jobs was one of these 
business sectors. At least that was my personal experience. Those 
business sectors would definitely not put up with 30 seconds of 
unresponsive services. Imagine the London Stock Exchange has a 30 second 
outage - that will be like a lifetime to them!

Interestingly you mentioned Tomcat. My new employer has plenty of issues 
with Embarcadero's License Server software - Java based and runs under 
Tomcat. Sometimes the license server process hangs - which invalidates 
all Delphi instances in the company (that's an issue for another time). 
The License Server in our company runs on a Windows machine and that 
process hangs so badly that Windows Server itself can't kill it. The 
Windows server needs to be rebooted to resolve the issue! So is that 
down to bad programming (possible), a bug in Tomcat (possible, but 
unlikely considering how popular it is and used - the issue would have 
been well known if it existed), a bug in Windows or something else. Who 


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