[Lazarus] Who is using Object Pascal in production?

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Hello friends,

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> Hello,
> I earning my money as delphi developer (now 20years).
> In the freetime I support Lazarus/FPC.
> The system I wrote (in the company) is in-house software used
> by about 150 users per day. (it's built with D7)
> D7 was fast/stable. We bought several new versions of Delphi in the past
13years but
> none of the new versions was as handy as D7.
> But now I am working with Delphi XE 10.2 Tokyo and I must say it's very
ok! I can recommend it.
> I would say they are back again :-) ( Hopefully they will remove the
dependency to .NET-stuff )
> Now let's talk a little about Lazarus...
> It's incredible which progress this project has made!
> The recent improvements in the IDE and Installer area (fpcupdeluxe and
online package manager) make
> things really better for new users.
> To attract more/new users to Object-Pascal "universe" the following
things would help:  (applies for both Delphi and Lazarus)
> A) a way to give a whole project from one developer to another developer.
(no fiddeling around with missing
>     e.g. a Menu-Option "Export-Project" which creates a bundle with all
necessary files)

This is something else I forgot to touch on in my dimwittedness.

My experience with a multi-user project (Simba) that targeted Windows/Linux
was very poor. It was hard to keep the project in a state that made it
buildable on both OSes or even multiple. Eventually these issues were
overcome, but there still seems to be a lot of hidden complexity that makes
it hard to create reproducible builds and help new developers set up an

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