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> >[...]
> > I'm not talking about ambiguity, I'm talking about aesthetics:
> > is easier to discern visually than FooBarBlubb.
> Well, aesthetics often goes together with "used to".
> I'm used to a point separates a sub identifier.
> The Delphi namespace concept breaks this rule. E.g. in a namespace
> "org.fpc" the dot is part of the identifier. Try "org.|" with the
> Delphi code insight. It does not show all possibilities. Lazarus code
> completion works better here.

We all know that Delphi isn't the best example of an IDE out there :P

> > Also were is there an ambiguity anyway (given all units are used with
> > full name)? The compiler reads (in my above example) the token sequence
> > Point ID and thus can find the unit without any backtracking just as for
> > ordinary methods. Even once the default namespace option is added that
> > won't change as the compiler will simply test all provided namespaces as
> > prefixes and then the name as is. It's just a longer list of names than
> > usually to test for.
> Let's say you have 'a.b.c.d'. Before namespaces the compiler could
> simply resolve a, then b, then c and finally d.
> With namespaces the compiler has to read the full 'a.b.c.d',
> then search for a.b.c, then a.b, then a and then resolve the rest as
> before.

Ah, using the identifier inside code. Okay I grant you that one regarding

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