[Lazarus] [ANN] Xavier for XML — Compatible with FPC and Delphi

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Sat Sep 23 10:25:46 CEST 2017

On 2017-09-21 04:06, Marcos Douglas B. Santos via Lazarus wrote:
> Nah... most of them know nothing about true OOP.
> They believe that an object is a "record" with getters and setters... anyway.

If I understand you correctly... referring to Java developers, then that 
is a totally wrong generalisation.

> As you said, each his own style. What is more important is keeping
> this excellent community united, around that great language called
> Object Pascal.

I love Object Pascal too, and have a real soft spot for it (and always 
will). But G*D damn, Java is brilliant too. Not just Java the language, 
but the millions of frameworks and tools built around it too (JPA, 
Spring Boot, Jenkins, Maven etc). Also the understated Java Annotations 
are unbelievably powerful and can (and does) reduce the amount of 
boilerplate code tremendously(*).

FPC doesn't even cover the most basic of things - no decent debugger 
that can handle all the Object Pascal language features. :-/

* Take a gander at how much Java Annotations reduced boiler plate code
   using JPA in EJB 3.0 and later vs EJB 2.1 which didn't use



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