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Sun Apr 8 23:04:33 CEST 2018

On 2018-04-08 21:46, Bart via Lazarus wrote:
> Then if I understand the release notes correctly, the NT 4 platform is
> not supported anymore.

I point was, that if the NT4 support is broken simply because LCL-Win32
is now using the FlashWindowEx API, then it is pretty easy to resolve.
Simply comment out the FlashWindowEx usage - it's not a vital API
anyway. It simply flashes the application titlebar (actually the icon in
the taskbar - if memory serves me) to draw the end-users attention to
the application.

But like I also mentioned... "you might be lucky" in that that is the
only non NT4 API. If you are not so lucky, then there might be other
API's that also break NT4 support. In which case it might be worth using
an older LCL version for that application, or adding IFDEF's to
LCL-Win32 to keep NT4 support going for a while longer. The amount of
effort is up to the original poster of this thread.


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