[Lazarus] How to solve this coding problem?

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 19:35:19 CEST 2018

A follow up. I remember Delphi 3 had an object browser and managed to get a
screen capture:


It had a few useful features.

1) It listed the entire hierarchy of classes at your disposal, unlimited by
unit selection. Therefore you could look at classes and their methods,
rather than picking through unit names.

2) When a class was selected you could see all its properties and methods,
even if they were defined in a parent class. Also it would note whether
methods were virtual and display their visibility level. I can't remember
was references was, but if it listed places in code where the type was
referenced, now that would be cool.

I think this could be done for Lazarus using CodeTools. Improvements I'd
like to see would be to include method and property argument signatures in
the list on the right.

For example:


[PU] procedure GetPreferredSize(var PreferredWidth, PreferredHeight:
Integer; Raw: Boolean = False; WithThemeSpace: Boolean = True);

Where [PU] would be an icon denoting it's public.

Also, a would be nice to have would be making members searchable. That is
you could type "Size", and all fields, methods, and properties of known
with the partial match "Size" in their identifying name would show up. And
clicking one that one result would take you to the entire list of members
for that type. So if you were to search for "Size", and double clicked on
the "[PU] procedure TCustomForm.GetPreferredSize" line, which was one of
may results, you'd be taken to the entire listing of TCustomForm inside the
same object browser window.

Your thoughts?
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